Horse Trials Championships – Important information

Due to the recent ongoing weather conditions, BRC has taken the decision to remove the long format phases of this year’s Championship. The classes will still run as scheduled, HT80 as a one day event, HT90 as a two day event and the HT100 and 100+ classes running as a three day event, but without the phases A,B and C.

This has been a very hard and considered decision; we know how much our members love the long format. However, with the lack of rain over the last two months and very hot conditions which are predicted to continue over the Championship weekend, we feel that for the welfare of both horse and rider it was a necessary decision to make.

BRC, along with the team at Swalcliffe, want to produce the best ground we can for competitors. This is a huge task and it would not be possible to prepare the ground effectively on the roads and tracks and steeplechase phases. We would rather the team focus their efforts on the dressage, show jumping and cross-country tracks.

As a further precaution for the dry conditions, BRC have made the decision to prohibit BBQ’s at this event due to the high risk of fire. We hope you can understand the basis for this decision as we know many clubs have a BBQ at their lorries in the evening. There will be a burger van and a crepe van for the duration of the event,  Lowe Powe Noodles will be joining us on the Saturday night and the town of Banbury is not too far away.

The stable area as always will be strictly no smoking, but if any of your competitors smoke then please remind them to ensure that their cigarettes are completely put out and disposed of accordingly.

Please also be aware that there is limited drinking water on site, so please bring sufficient water with you. There will be plenty of spring water but this must be boiled before drinking.

We will still be offering a fun filled weekend with plenty of entertainment and Championship atmosphere on offer.

Thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing many of you at the Championships.

Please ensure that all of your competitors are informed of these important updates. All team managers will be emailed to confirm this information and a statement will be put onto Facebook shortly.