Steward training

Dear All

I have had a conversation with BRC and they understand we are at a crisis point in Area 12 with the running of events and also a huge lack of official stewards within the area. There is currently only 2 of us qualified. We have one of the largest areas in the country yet the lowest amount of OS available for Area events

Most other areas have roughly 8 people qualified at one time. Due to these numbers we have been given special permission to send as many people as needed to the OS training weekend in February 2018. It is an extremely good weekend and well worth going,  all paid for by BRC.  Fantastic trainers, coaches and hospitality.
Would you like to be put forward as an official steward? If this role appeals please do let me or the Area committee know and we will put your name forward.  The more people we have the lighter the load.  You also meet some lovely people.
Kindest regards

Charlotte Warman
Tel 07813130389
BRC Area 12 National Rep.