Hat Rules

Please be aware that ALL riders partaking in any BRC organised activity, MUST wear a hat that complies with the attached standards. This includes both BRC members AND non-members at any ‘open’ activities you may run.

We do not expect organisers to necessarily check all hats, and tagging is only mandatory at Area qualifiers and above, however the Organisers need to be seen to have done their very best to make riders aware of the rules. So a statement on all schedules or booking forms should be added to highlight the rules and that it is the riders responsibility to ensure they comply with them. Of course if you are able to carry out some checks on hats, then that’s even better.

For the avoidance of doubt, it IS NOT acceptable to get riders so sign any form of ‘disclaimer’ to waive the hat standard rules, and this would have an impact on the BRC insurance cover provided to both the rider and the organisers.

2016 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors v2 19.04.16