New Prelim entry system

We (BRC) have been undergoing changes recently to how Prelim Entries are made. We have a new system which will go live on the 18 July 2018. This will be an addition to the stabling website which some of you may already be familiar with – if you already have a login for the stabling website, you will not need to make a new one; however, if you are not already set up on this, you will need to create a log in.

There will be a temporary down time between the old prelim system turning off and the new prelim system switching on; this will be Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 July so if you have prelims which you know need to be in at this time, please be prepared to get them in slightly earlier, or if they’re not urgent, wait a couple of days. This down time will not affect the stabling section of the website. The new website will be accessed via the BRC section of the BHS website and there will be a new page made especially for prelim entries.

The new system is a lot more user friendly both at your end and ours and instead of going via the bookshop, the whole process will come to BRC. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we are open to feedback and suggestions. Could you please circulate this with your team managers and anyone you feel will need to know about the change in your club.