Message from our Area 12 Rep

Dear committees and members

As you are all aware there are some significant worries surrounding the BRC insurance and who and what are covered.
I have had a lengthy conversation with BRC, I have been assured that you as Clubs are covered and also committee members. Nothing has changed about the BRC insurance. What those workshops were aimed to do was just refresh everyone about insurance,tax , give ideas and also to inform clubs there are optional extras such as directors insurance which can be bolted on if you so wished. As I am in no way an insurance broker or have more than a normal level of knowledge on the matter. I felt to inform you all in a professional way, Laura Sanger head of BRC will come down to us in January and will go through the presentation again. There is a first draft of the article for Rider magazine going around their office and every member will receive this article in the magazine in January.
The Area 12 committee are meeting next week and we will set a date and venue for this meeting in January.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend and ask any questions. In the meantime please don’t forget to send those report forms into the SEIB As good safe practice. 

Charlotte Warman