Rule update for 1 Oct 2017

Hi All

Please find attached a rule update for the Novice Winter Championships in relation to numbers to qualify. As we are moving to Arena UK we have more space to hold an additional arena, so no longer have to limit numbers to per test. No Appendix 11 for this unless you use more arenas than required. 

In relation to the Novice and Intermediate Dressage, I am working on a proposal to discuss with all attendees at the next Forum, then Rachael and Laura will discuss whilst out on the road and also with all competitors. Sorry I have not had a chance to work on this much before now, but will hit this full swing after Lincoln. 

In the meantime, if you need to restrict your numbers at the qualifier to make numbers manageable then that’s fine, but ensure that it is clearly communicated to all of your area as we would not monitor any restrictions the area puts in place in the office. Any restrictions need to be carefully considered as to the impact on your entries as every club needs to have a fair chance to enter i.e. you cannot accept 4 team entries from one club but then tell another they can only make 1 team entry. Obviously if you are running open classes alongside then ideally these would be dropped to allow for the qualifier to take precedence. 

Hope that helps those that struggled last year until we find a solution that fits as many areas as possible without causing the smaller areas to dwindle.                               

Many Thanks

Jennie Pallett

British Riding Clubs

British Riding Clubs 2017 Rule Changes and Amendments v4