2017 BRC rule change for medical cover

Please find below copy of email from Laura Sanger, sent on 12 January 2017

Dear BRC Official,

I would like to draw your attention to a 2017 BRC rule change for medical cover.

This change applies to the activities where a Qualified First Aider is the mandatory minimum requirement. Where the rules state a paramedic / doctor is mandatory – this remains the same and has not changed.

Previously, anyone acting as first aid cover at a BRC activity, had to have a ‘First Aid at Work’ qualification.

We are delighted to now allow another qualification  under this rule.

The qualifications for a first aider can now be one of the following:

1)         FAW Certificated Qualification accredited by Training Organisation Regulator or Voluntary Aid Society

2)         BHS first aid course presented by Skillbase and booked through the BHS 

   All first aiders must have an HSE approved first aid kit. 

The attached excerpt from the rule book explains the rule in greater detail.

At some of our Area Visits before Christmas, we discussed how there was a question over BHS Accredited Coaches being used as the volunteer first aider at BRC activities, and it was thought that they would not be covered to do this under our insurance policy.

I can now confirm that this is not the case, and that they CAN be used as voluntary cover. Should a claim occur whilst they are in this role of first aider, then the cover would come from the BRC insurance policy, and not the Accredited Coach policy.

If you have any queries, please do get back to me.

BRC Medical Cover 2017 Rules