Area 12 Committee Vacancies

Two of the Area 12 Committee will be stepping down at the AGM in November, Arthur and Tilly. We are asking clubs to circulate this information amongst their members so people can put themselves forwards for election.

Area Representative (Arthur)

The job of Area Representative is summarised in this document: Area Rep Role Description

Website/Mailing List (Tilly)

This role involves keeping the website up to date, approving posts/calendar events, putting all the Area 12 competitions on the calendar, and running the mailing list via MailChimp. The mailing list duties include sending out reminders of prelim closing dates, links to schedules and results and important information from BRC HQ. The systems are all in place to make this as automated as possible, and training can be given.

Please note that if no-one steps forward to take this role on, the mailing list and the website updates will cease to happen after November as Tilly cannot continue in this role.