We have identified that some of our affiliated Clubs would like some extra support with the requirements that they are bound to fulfil with regards to child protection and safeguarding. Every Club that has any members under the age of 18 are required to comply with the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and Government’s guidelines for best practice.

Historically we have asked Clubs to appoint an officer on the Committee who would be the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) and oversee all of the child protection requirements. We have received some feedback that the name ‘Club Welfare Officer’ was a confusing term as in the equine industry, as we typically associate the term ‘welfare’ with that of the horse. So we have now changed the name of this position to ‘Safeguarding Officer’ (CSO), which hopefully represents the role a little more clearly.

What’s it all about?

In order to assist our Clubs, we have put together a datasheet to explain what you as a Club need to know, and the requirements you are bound to fulfil.

Whilst it’s important for Clubs to understand their requirements, we would like to reassure you that as an affiliated Riding Club, you have full access to and the support from the BHS Safeguarding department, and the role of CSO is simply to have someone within the Club that knows how to correctly report any concerns that may arise within the Club.

What do Clubs need to do?

1)      Read the attached datasheet (attachment 1) which explains what you need to be doing as a Club to make sure you are fulfilling the requirements.

2)      If not already appointed, source and appoint a Club Safeguarding Officer, based on the role description which is attached (attachment 2).

3)      Every affiliated Club must complete and return the attached Safeguarding Officer information Form (attachment 3) to us by 31 May 2015. This will confirm who your nominated Club Safeguarding Officer is, or that you declare to have no junior members.

4)      When organising any activities with Junior members, the attached guideline (attachment 4)and template (attachment 5)will be useful to aid the CSO in writing a welfare plan for each event.

5)      Should your Club Safeguarding Officer require any up to date training or a Criminal Record Check, then please contact the BHS Safeguarding department on 02476 840 746 or Criminal Record Checks can be carried out by the BHS at a subsidised cost of £10, and they can advise on the level of check that would be required. The application form for this is attached (attachment 6). Training is available here

Whilst we traditionally think of a safeguarding policy for covering children under the age of 18, it should be noted that any concern over a vulnerable adult should follow this same process of reporting.

We hope that this has helped to clarify what responsibilities you have as an affiliated Club, but please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries at all. Please call Ellie Vajcovec or Helen Brown in the BHS Safeguarding department on 02476 840 746 or

Attachment 1 What does my RC need to do

Attachment 2 Role of Club SafeGuarding Officer

Attachment 3 CSO info form

Attachment 4 Sample Safeguarding Plan for BRC events

Attachment 5 Safeguarding Plan for Riding Club Event Templates

Attachment 6 BRC club cover sheet