Newsflash re Dressage & SJ at Chard

There has been a reported outbreak of Equine Flu in North Dorset.  As a result of this, and as a precaution, all passports will be checked prior to allowing the vehicle and horses onto Chard Show Ground on Sunday. 

Please double check the horses passport to ensure their flu vaccinations are up to date.

This will mean that there will be a delay to get onto the show ground, so please can all competitors allow plenty of time before their class to allow this check to take place.

If the flu record for the horse is not correct the horse will not be allowed onto the showground.

May we take this opportunity to remind you that qualifying teams must present their passports, and  must meet the correct flu requirements to enable them to proceed to the Championships.

Don’t forget you MUST declare before your first rider competes

Can we also ask that you do not leave litter behind you on Sunday, and that you pack your litter out as you go.

Can the Ilracoombe Team Manager please inform Cheryl Mundy that her time has changed for Class 18, the Style Class.  It is now 10.52 (not 10.24)

All that remains is to wish everyone a very happy day (and nice weather would help), and we look forward to welcoming you to the BRC area 12 Summer Qualifiers


Class Test Arena Start Finish
1 Warm Up B 08:40 08:54
2 Warm Up A 08:40 08:54
3 BRC D1 Junior A 09:00 09:30
4a D3 Prelim Jun & Sen Team B 09:40 11:20
4b D3 Prelim Jun & Sen Team A 09:40 11:20
5 D2 Prelim Junior B 09:00 09:30
6 D10  Junior Novice D short 10:00 10:21
7 Snr Team Nov 24 D short 10:30 11:12
8 Snr Team Nov 30 C 10:30 10:36
9 Snr Team Nov 34 C 10:48 11:24
10 Snr Team Elim 45 D long 11:50 12:32
11 Medium 61 D long 12:45 13:00
12 Prelim RT A 12 noon
13 Novice RT A 2pm
14 Pairs C 11:50 12:15
15 Open Show Jumping 1 11.45 12.3
16 Intermediate Show Jumping 1 13.30
17 Novice Show Jumping 2 12 noon
18 Style SJ 2 10am 10.45am
Clear Round 3

Enjoy your day, ride well and god luck

South Western Dressage Group