Horses Inside Out – 14 April, Holsworthy

Understand your horses back with Horses Inside Out, brought to you by Penbode Equine

Using anatomical painting, Horses Inside Out will help you understand how your horses back works and moves, helping you:

Have an understanding of the structure and function of the horses skeleton
Recognize the attributes and range of movement of the 5 sections of the spine
Understand how limb conformation, movement and pain influences the back
Learn about training from the anatomical perspective
Understand the importance of good posture
Identify bony landmarks
Learn about saddle positioning
Learn how to tell if your horse has back pain
Understand the common causes of back pain

09:30 to 16:00, Tuesday Apr 14th, at Penbode Equine clinic, Holsworthy, EX22 6HB

£90 per person (inc VAT)

Refreshments included

To book, visit: