Calling all clubs in Devon

 I am currently promoting this FREE event below which is valuable to all riding centres and clubs/groups in Devon, I would be grateful if you could forward this on to all of your relevant club and centres.

 It will be held on 11th February at Bicton College.

 The event will help your contacts

open up doors to new funding opportunities for new equipment, facilities and coaching qualifications, at the same time enable them to capture the

spirit of the Olympics as we roll out our legacy plans – which will help get more people enjoying equestrian sport and improve the standards for those who are already participating.

We all ready have some great case studies of Pony Clubs, RDA groups and riding schools who have benefitted from funding streams that are available for investment into grassroots sport.  Equestrian is currently not getting its share of the funding available, this event has been set up to change this fact and empower more of the equestrian community to be aware of opportunities that will benefit them.

For case studies visit

For more information and to book, follow this link: