Area 12 Training

Area 12 runs several subsidised training events throughout the year. This page will be updated with information on booking and times.

**** Centaur Evening ****

We are running an online learning evening for A12 members on Tuesday 12th May at 7pm. This is FREE for any A12 member.

We will send you a link which should be shared with the members who have signed up. On the night, members will click on the link, register their name/details and then the webinar will start.

The virtual events are live and interactive, once in the webinar, members who are using a laptop or desktop can ask questions with the Q and A feature. If members do not have a laptop/desktop, they can use their smartphone to access the webinar but some of the interactive features maybe reduced depending on the smartphone being used.

The virtual event is focused on providing attendees with useful information which they can implement within their own training and management plans to help improve horse and rider performance and ultimately improving equine health and welfare.

Virtual Event “Improving Horse and Rider Performance” include:

  •              Effect that saddle fit and design has on horse and rider performance
  •              Effect that saddle design has on the rider – position and performance
  •              Managing a saddle which slips to one side – factors to consider
  •              Rider asymmetry – how to manage and improve

Bridle fit and its effect on equine performance

Girth fit and its effect on equine performance

We have 100 slots – to book in please fill in a booking form so we can send you a link to join.

Any questions