Club Training opportunities

During October and November BRC, in conjunction with Sports England, are running regional training days for members.

Our closest confirmed date so far is 27th October at BHS HQ

It is hoped another will be run at Hartpury on 28 October, but this date is yet to be confirmed.

This is a fabulous opportunity for members; the itinerary for the day is:

  • Club matters workshop- Developing a marketing strategy and club structures
  • GDPR
  • BRC insurance
  • New competitions and training opportunities within the BRC
  • Q & A with BRC officials.

Lunch is provided and a £10pp deposit is required when reserving a place. This will be refunded when the training day is attended.

Regional Training Booking Form

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2019 Championship Dates

2019 Championship Dates

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Senior Winter Dressage

Schedules are now available for the Senior Winter Dressage competitions

Novice at KSEC on 7 October

Intermediate at KSEC on 28 October

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Defib offer

We have some offers on defibrillators for affiliated clubs and centres.

There are 4 packages in  total, each with purchase or lease options:

1)      Internal package 1 – this is for the defib and associated kit, for internal storage, but no training (more suited to Clubs who will not have it fixed in an external location)

2)      Internal package 2 – this is for the defib and associated kit , for internal storage, and a training session on using it

3)      External package 1 – this is for the defib and associated kit, for external storage, but no training (more suited to permanent centres)

4)      External package 2 – this is for the defib and associated kit, for external storage, and a training session on using it (more suited to permanent centres)

Please find attached more information on these. For any further information on the offers, please contact

Megan Gibbs

BRC External Storage Defibrillator Option 1 – No training

BRC External Storage Defibrillator Option 2 – With training

BRC Internal Storage Defibrillator Option 1 – No training

BRC Internal Storage Defibrillator Option 2 – With training



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ALM/AGM 8 November 2018

The ALM/AGM will be held on Thursday, 8 November 2018, at Ruishton Village Hall

1900 for 1930 hrs

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SWWRC Results

Hartpury scoring 18th August 2018 FINAL

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Horse Trials Championships – Important information

Due to the recent ongoing weather conditions, BRC has taken the decision to remove the long format phases of this year’s Championship. The classes will still run as scheduled, HT80 as a one day event, HT90 as a two day event and the HT100 and 100+ classes running as a three day event, but without the phases A,B and C.

This has been a very hard and considered decision; we know how much our members love the long format. However, with the lack of rain over the last two months and very hot conditions which are predicted to continue over the Championship weekend, we feel that for the welfare of both horse and rider it was a necessary decision to make.

BRC, along with the team at Swalcliffe, want to produce the best ground we can for competitors. This is a huge task and it would not be possible to prepare the ground effectively on the roads and tracks and steeplechase phases. We would rather the team focus their efforts on the dressage, show jumping and cross-country tracks.

As a further precaution for the dry conditions, BRC have made the decision to prohibit BBQ’s at this event due to the high risk of fire. We hope you can understand the basis for this decision as we know many clubs have a BBQ at their lorries in the evening. There will be a burger van and a crepe van for the duration of the event,  Lowe Powe Noodles will be joining us on the Saturday night and the town of Banbury is not too far away.

The stable area as always will be strictly no smoking, but if any of your competitors smoke then please remind them to ensure that their cigarettes are completely put out and disposed of accordingly.

Please also be aware that there is limited drinking water on site, so please bring sufficient water with you. There will be plenty of spring water but this must be boiled before drinking.

We will still be offering a fun filled weekend with plenty of entertainment and Championship atmosphere on offer.

Thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing many of you at the Championships.

Please ensure that all of your competitors are informed of these important updates. All team managers will be emailed to confirm this information and a statement will be put onto Facebook shortly.

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Leo Harris award nominations

Nominations are now open for the Leo Harris Award.

Please find attached the criteria which must be met in order to nominate someone, together with the nomination form.

This will be sent out in E-News to members so that they can also nominate within their club if they want to.

Any nominations must be returned to Megan Gibbs no later than Friday 17 August 2018 after which point a vote will take place.

leo harris criteria PDF (1)

Leo Harris Nomination Form 2018PDF


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Dressage results

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Conclusion of the Style jumping

I’m sure we can all say what a lovely well run day the showjumping was last weekend. Our thanks go to Brent Knoll riding club for hosting and running it.
Most will know there was a major problem with the style judge and the judging sheets being filled in incorrectly and omitting a lot of scores. This was picked up early on and we did our best to resolve the problem however we were told firmly this is how they are done. Brent Knoll riding club, Myself and others from the area raised concerns and on the day this is why the results were not formalised. The issues raised were
  1. Nobody had jump style marks
  2. Those placed had jumping faults above those with clear rounds.
It was felt that no decision would be made until we sought advice from BRC. I spoke with them on Monday and I will say they were very understanding and could see why we had held off putting the results out. They had a meeting and came back to me yesterday.
BRC have accepted an official complaint from me on behalf of Area 12 against the style judge who was a qualified listed BRC Style jumping judge. They have apologised and noted the problem, they mentioned they would be reviewing the judges list and the future of having BRC specific SJ people.
The conclusion
  1. However wrong the sheets were everyone was judged consistently (badly)
  2. Because a re run was offered and most do not want to travel again, We have collated the honesty list of faults. These do match  the sheets. The judge had noted the jumping faults
  3. BRC said that those with faults can come above clears. The winner of the championship last year won with 4 faults.
  4. We have looked at a cross section of sheets and yes the highest placed people have had higher style marks but with jumping faults which have place them above. It is possible.
  5. BRC Decided they will take the results as they stand. It would be sad not to send people from area 12, This was based upon the fact the score sheets were judged the same way.
This decision was made by BRC. We know ,understand and accept there will be disappointment, jubilation from the winners, and I think we all are left with bemusement and disappointment that a listed judge could let us down so badly.
As an area we will not be inviting this person back to judge for us. I would like to close the matter as I don’t think there is any other solution. but we must all move on, support our area at the championship and look at it as one of life’s curved balls.
Thank you all for understanding.
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