Useful Information

Area 12 Rules for Competition

Follow feedback from judges and others the following Rules were approved at the AGM in November 2022 and apply to all competitions held by Area 12 including qualifiers.

NO HORSE shall be entered in the same dressage
test, with same judge more than once on the day of
NO HORSE to be competitively ridden by more than two
people on the day of competition.
NO HORSE to have more than four ridden tests on the
day of competition.
NO HORSE may compete twice in the same team

The Official Steward reserves the right to stop anyone
who is in multiple classes if BRC feel the horse’s
welfare is compromised

Hat tagging.

BRC hat tagging is taking place at all BRC Area Qualifiers and BRC championships. Please be aware if you are attending and have your hat ready for inspection. The BRC tag colour is currently PINK from January 2023. Your hat will be inspected for the current safety standard marks and numbers, this will only take a few minutes. Anyone competing at an Area qualifier will need a tag which can have been tagged by the Pony Club or BE.

Please refer to the current BRC Handbook for details of hat and body protector standards

Volunteer League


BRC Advisory Committee

Securing of portable fences

All Portable XC fences should now be secured. Please see the link below for more information.

Securing of Portables April 2011

Membership submissions to BRC from Jan 2012.

From January 2012 the new Excel spread sheets must be used to submit your clubs membership data. Below is a master copy if needed, a guide to completing and submitting membership which includes frequently asked questions plus a guide of how to copy information from one Excel spreed sheet to another.

Master Spreadsheet

BRC Membership Submission Guiidelines

Transfering info into Excel


Current Equine Influenza Vaccines A guide from BRC to help all flu vac checkers. Please don’t forget the online flu vac checker which you can link in from our website.

BRC Insurance

insurance facts BRC are covered by SEIB insurace. From this link they have answered the most common questions asked and have produced this document to help you.

Health and Safety Forms

generic risk assessment2 This is a generic risk assessment form you can fill out and use for any of your club activities and competitions

Horse fall form


This form is taken from the BRC website and can be found under the the rule book appendices. Please be aware that you are now required to send a completed form to BRC in the event of a rider or person requiring a visit to A & E or is hospitalized for any length of time.


Paypal website-payments-standard this will provide some basic knowledge and information.

Club Membership

If your club submits membership lists via an excel spreadsheet a discount of 25p per member can be obtained on affiliation fees.

Club contact details

Please ensure we are notified of any changes to your club chairmen/secretaries/treasurers. Details including name, address, telephone number and email address should be forwarded on to Thank you.