Summer Showjumping (Novice & Intermediate)

To be held at KSEC 31st July 2021 hosted by Shipton RC

BRC Area 12 Jumping with Style Qualifier and Area Championship
Saturday 7th August 2021
Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian centre TA7 9BP
Hosted by Kings Sedgemoor equestrian centre
Style Jumping is for both senior and junior riders. It is open to teams of four riders and to individuals. Each team consists of two riders jumping a 75cm course and two riders jumping an 85cm course. Individuals may choose the height at which they jump. Riders jump one round and are judged on the style of their riding. Riders must salute the judge when entering the arena, then canter a figure of eight until the signal to start is given; during this time, they will be judged for style on the flat. When jumping, the rider is judged on how they ride the whole course, particular attention being given to how they ride the turns and present the horse at a fence. The rider needs to show balanced approaches to the fences and be able to maintain a good forward canter in a rhythm. The position of the rider at take-off, in the air, on landing and in the following strides is assessed along with the correct judgement of pace. It is assumed that the rider is aware of the correct leading leg and is able to change it if needed (a flying change correctly and quietly done is acceptable as is a simple change through trot). Style Jumping will be run under the Show Jumping rules set out in section SJ1 unless superseded in this section.
SJ2.1: ELIGIBILTY See CR Appendix 2 & 3
Classes to be run on Grass.
Class 1 – Senior 75cm Jumping with Style
Class 2 – Junior 75cm Jumping with Style
Class 3 – Senior 85cm Jumping with Style
Class 4 – Junior 85cm Jumping with Style
Clear round show jumping to follow at £5 per round
Entry fee – £14 per individual, please add team name and club into additional information box.
1st aid – £3 per person
Entries via
Go to the home page of the Kings Sedgemoor website, Click where it says “click here to
enter our competitions” this will take you directly to the entry system
Entries Close Monday 2nd August
Pre entries to BRC as per qualifier rules.
A horse and rider may only compete at one height.
For full details, rules and qualifying rules please refer to the British riding
clubs Handbook 2021.
To be run under British riding club rules
Whip rule applies
6 month flu vac rule applies as it is a national BRC qualifier.
Times will be available via and on Thursday 5th August
On the day phone number 07583017236